Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A big move, literally

When CSUMC was born a decade ago, we squeezed into the quarters of the Max Kade Institute. As our two units grew, things very quickly went from being a squeeze to being dramatically too small.

Over the years, we’ve had regular discussions with the College of Letters & Science about possible new locations. Then, over the last year or so, we have worked out a place in the University Club (see image). It’s about the best location we could imagine — we’re literally next to Memorial Library and the Historical Society, and across from the Memorial Union. The official address is 432 East Campus Mall, by the way, part of the new corridor running from Lake Mendota down through the new buildings along Johnson and southward.

Back in August, CSUMC moved into a just-renovated suite of offices on the third floor, along with part of the Max Kade Institute. We’ll immediately have meeting and lecture space. In a year and half, the plan is for the Center and the Institute to take the fourth floor of the building. That increase in space will be mind-boggling for us.

For the first time, there is an office for the Director of CSUMC — I’m in 331 University Club. Associate Director Ruth Olson is in 332. Drop by to see us.

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